Friday Frivolity: You Can Do Anything

Ah, happy Friday, friends!  It has been such a great week of blogging – thanks so much for all the post likes, reblogs, tweets, emails, etc. and especially to my new followers!  Hopefully I can make this a decision you won’t immediately regret…

I’m a little behind on sharing this but as some of you probably saw, SNL did a great sketch parodying the inflated egos and sense of self-entitlement that Generation Y seems to be known for.  I vaguely remember catching the clip on television in an all-too-typical boozy Saturday night channel surfing session but it wasn’t until I re-watched the clip this week (sent to me by my father, via iPad, natch) that it’s brilliance really shone through.

You Can Do Anything!

Between the juggler who can’t juggle and the Chinese calligraphy-enthusiast slash Irish step-dancer who proclaims “the world needs more singer-songwriters and less doctors and engineers”, we all know that there is a lot of truth being mined for comedy here.  Because honestly, some days I really do feel that I’m full of unearned confidence because nobody ever told me I was mediocre – and if you don’t feel that way too, you’re a liar and you can’t do anything.