My Personal State of the Union

My fellow postcollegiates,


This has been a trying time for all of us.  Between rising unemployment and decreasing wages, we have faced challenges heretofore unknown to mankind (except, you know, for almost every other generation).   We have been forced back into our parent’s basements or, even worst, enrolled in the second or third round of graduate school, all in the name of pursuing the [21st Century] American Dream (our own reality show or prestigious blog, or God willing, both.)   Just when we thought things couldn’t get work, the Oscar Nominations were announced and we realized that even Hollywood just doesn’t get us any more, man (no Bridesmaids or Young Adult?  Come on!)

But it has not been all bad.  We have taken it to the tweets (see what I did there?  Take that, Obama speechwriters!), Occupying both minds and hearts and the occasional public space.  We have been celebrated in multiple 30 under 30 and 20 under 20 and Teenagers are the New Adults lists, proving that for some of us, the ages between 22-35 aren’t a horrible series of disappointments, disillusions, and depleted funds.

Friends and fellow (young-ish) Americans, it hasn’t been an easy road for us.  But I truly do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For if I, she who has had more jobs than boyfriends in the last three years (and definitely not in the good way) and who may or may not have floated an actual paper check to pay for tampons once in the last 12 months, can enroll in her very first retirement program this week, then truly, anything is possibleYES WE CAN!

Thank you and God Bless America.

I promise a real post soon…it has been a bizarre couple weeks and I am still in new job adjustment mode, but I have plenty of thoughts to share soon.