Friday Frivolity: Staying Positive with Jesse

Another fabulous Friday!  I’m thrilled because I’m slipping out of work a little early today to head down to my former home, the charming and delightful Lynchburg, Virginia, to spend the weekend with some friends, see a show by Endstation Theatre, and enjoy a little respite from city living.

Before I leave you for familiar faces and simple pleasures, I wanted to share a Funny or Die video that was sent to me that I love.  Scott Gairdner does an absolutely wicked Jesse Eisenberg imitation and in this video, gives us a taste of what kind of advice Jesse would give to preteen girls.

Although I’m no longer a preteen (praise be to the deity or non-deity of your choice!), I’ve enjoyed imagining what kind of advice Jesse would give me in my day to day life.  Perhaps I need a little bit of his obtuse, curt advice because I know he would respect me too much to coddle me.

Sadly, I can’t embed the video, so jump over here to check it out and have a great weekend!