Friday Frivolity

There’s not a  lot of good news out there for people who are unemployed – there continues to be a serious dearth of jobs, Congress doesn’t seem keen on extending your benefits, and many of us have found ourselves reduced to be underemployed, juggling multiple jobs, or temping.  Sort of a dim thought for Friday, huh?

However, there IS good news!  Your lack of employment can lead to a different kind of wealth, of the more carnal nature, if you catch my drift.  A study confirms that being job-free means most of you are having more sex!  Unemployed women in their 20s have higher sexual appetites and are more likely to engage in risky/risque behavior than those that are gainfully employed.

So, congrats!  (?)  Happy weekend!

[Ed. note:  No, I will not comment on the veracity of these statements as they may or may not relate to my personal life.  Nice try, anonymous email correspondents.  I’m sort of flattered.]