When Do You Stop Being a Post-Grad?

A popular discussion at recent happy hours and potluck dinners has been how to classify yourself in your 20s.  Quarterlifers seems a little optimistic (seriously, if you think at 25, you are only 1/4 of the way through your life span, you are putting more faith in the value of health and exercise than I ever would) and anything with the word “young” attached to it feels a little disingenuous.  While I think the postcollegiate moniker is appropriate for this blog (and where I feel I am in my life), college also seems like it was decades ago.  Hell, I just attended my first [legit] college reunion last month!

It’s only fitting that this timely post from Thought Catalog came across my Twitter feed the other day.  Ryan O’Connell, a fantastic blogger, posits that you have to drop the title somewhere at the year and a half mark, providing you land a real job.  Of course, what is a real job?  Is it your dream job?  Something in your field?  If you’re scraping by on blogging and freelancing and selling plasma, does that count?

It’s a quick piece but a clever one, especially for reminding everyone that there was once a terrible movie about being post-collegiate but also some great ones.