Music Monday: Marcellus Hall

Good morning!  I hope you all had a weekend as lovely as mine.  Prior to my short NYC excursion on Saturday, I had the good fortune to see Craig Finn (of The Hold Steady, a college years favorite of mine) perform solo at Rock and Roll Hotel.  It was a great show and Craig Finn is truly engaging live.  But the real stand-out for me was the opening act, Marcellus Hall.

Marcellus Hall is probably best known for his illustration work in the New Yorker or as the front man for Matador faves Railroad Jerk and White Hassle.  Like Finn, he’s recently released a solo album and his opening set on Friday night was enough to inspire me to buy the album on the spot.  Hall’s sound – a sort of bluesy rock that sounds like The Kinks and Bob Dylan had a baby who grew up listening to Johnny Cash on vinyl – has a gritty authenticity to it that most younger musicians aim for but often miss.

I’ve only listened to the album twice since Friday but I can tell it’s going to be in constant rotation for me this spring, as warmer weather leads to longer nights, hopefully filled with a little bit more debauchery.  Until then, enjoy Marcellus Hall!

Star Position by Marcellus Hall