Friday Frivolity

Happy Friday!  I’m sure every one is gearing up for a spooky, scary Halloween weekend.  I thought about doing a more traditional pre-Halloween host – costume ideas, favorite Halloween flicks, or perhaps an Andy Rooney-esque rant of how annoying it is for tweeners to roll old folks for candy – but as soon as I read about Slackistan, I knew I had to post about it!

Slackistan is a film about being young, aimless, and underemployed in Islamabad, the city that one character claims “always sleeps.”  The film debuted at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Film Festival and received rave reviews for being the international love child of Reality Bites and Swingers.  The story centers on a young filmmaker who is aimlessly living his days with a sort-of girlfriend and posse of friends.  When the characters graduated, democracy had just been introduced in the city and as the film meets up with them five years later, the quarterlive malaise they feel is directly parallel to the stagnated hopes of the entire country.

Based on the reviews and Internet feedback, the film sounds like it’s a great peek at how the post-collegiate experience transcends culture and societal bounds while at the same time examining how difficult it can be to be an artist in a city where the main character can’t get his hands on a copy of Mean Streets and bemoans the lack of 1970s film classic piracy.  Plus, as you can hear in the trailer, the film has a great use of local, indie Pakistani bands and a low-budget retro vibe that film geeks will love.

The film doesn’t have US distribution yet but be sure to check out the website and YouTube clips (trailer below) and keep an eye out for it when it is released!