Friday Frivolity Flashback

Hello friends!  Short post today as I am gearing up for an insane couple of weeks.  Kicking off the weekend with my first baseball game of the season – here’s hoping it stays warm out at Nationals Park tonight – and then continuing on from there with a boating, birthday parties, and the ballet, because I am a Fancylady sometimes.


With all this frivolity on my plate (and the wedding of my almost-big-sister in two weeks!) and the final touches on my grad school application, I haven’t had much time to scourge the Interwebs for clever bits of Friday fun for you.  But fear not!  Sit back, relax, and check out these top ten most popular past Friday Frivolity posts!

Friday Frivolity: My Last $100

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  (Hey, sometimes I like to pretend I’m Oprah.)  Very excited for the weekend to be here especially because the butter on our Easter table spread this Sunday will be in the shapes of little lambs and the moment someone cuts into it, I’m going to make jokes about sacrificial lambs for the rest of the day.

For a little bit of frivolity on this fine almost-holiday Friday, I was inspired by a great new website, The Billfold.  Brought to you by the good people behind The Awl, Splitsider, and Hairpin (all worthy reads in their own right), Billfold is an irreverently fun and actually useful site about money and finance.  They didn’t even pay me to say that!  I actually think that thought on my own!  One cool feature on The Billfold is the series “My Last $100” where the author details the last one hundred dollars they’ve spent.  So, I thought I’d give you all a little peek into my finances – prepare to be…underwhelmed (spoiler alert:  it’s mostly food and/or beer-related!)

Note:  For the sake of ease and sparing you from reading about every $0.75 Diet Coke and $2.00 cup of oatmeal I bought this week, this only lists purchases over $5.00 and doesn’t include last night’s Girls Night, because that is off-limits for blog talk (as I foreswore on shoes and you cannot welch on that business).

$10 – DC Beer Week button – put your hands in the air for supporting local beer, what what!

$22 – Pitcher of beer, nachos, and french fries for a pre-21 Jump Street best friend movie matinee.  Mom(s), please don’t judge us.

$18 – Grocery trip to Wegmans – all off the cold/hot bar to stock my lunches for the last few days.  A conscious effort was made to include vegetables, to counter the effects of purchases made the day before this

$25 – H Street Country Club – Shrimp fajitas, a single margarita, and a couple of Dos Equis Ambers – weird DC-themed mini-golf on second floor of the bar was free with entree purchase!

$18Little Miss Whiskey’s – Several beers selected from the beloved Beer Book.

$7 – Au Pon Bain – I attempted to order myself a “healthy” lunch sandwich (veggies!  no cheese!  no aioli!  lots of veggies!) but *true story alert*, there were apparently two Rebeccas ordering lunch that day because when I returned to my desk, there was a turkey, brie, and cranberry chutney sandwich in the bag.  I could have gone back and swapped out for my 400-calorie-veggie-delight but instead, I ate that brie-swaddled goodness and did not look back.  It was a beautiful moment.

Have a great weekend and remember to spend responsibly!

The Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

I am good at a lot of things in life, including, but certainly not limited to, pouring a perfect beer, being the ideal Jeopardy couch-contestant, remembering the lyrics to 60’s one hit wonder songs, juggling the various storylines of Game of Thrones by describing different characters as “Hot Dude, Stark Division” and “Hot Dude, Bastard Division”, etc, and remembering to refill the candy bowl so that when guests come over, it looks like we never eat candy (when it fact it makes up 37% of my daily television watching fuel).

However, I am not good at one thing – being sick.

I am terrible at being sick.  I eschew Western medicine, mostly because I’m lazy and complacent but also a little bit because I think the pharmaceutical companies will some day be our evil overlords.  I do not understand the concept of “resting” and “relaxing” unless I am purposefully procrastinating on something important.  Any type of illness that limits my daily food intake also comes with a dose of whiny petulance that is a direct result of upsetting my eatin’ schedule.  All in all, it’s usually not very pretty.

Sadly, I have been sick.  It started Wednesday with what I thought was just a light case of the chills, brought on by too much air conditioning and my insistence on rocking sundresses to work that are probably still a little unseasonably appropriate but by late Wednesday night, in the midst of a fever dream underscored by the tune of Zou Bisou Bisou, I was convinced that I was Patient Zero and it was the end.  I stayed burrowed on my couch for three days, rejecting sunlight, conversation, and pills, convinced that the copious amounts of alcohol that have passed through my bloodstream would easily flush out whatever toxins remained.

Alas, it seems that I have survived.  I felt chipper enough yesterday to eat steak, drink beers, and soak up a little Vitamin D while deck-sitting and listening to Bob Dylan – that’s basically my preferred modus operandi.  I waltzed into the office today, wearing a seasonally-appropriate shift and feeling healthy enough to even change the water jug.  It seems that all is well.

I apologize for the lack of posting during my unannounced sabbatical but I am feeling full of vim and vigor and am confident that you are in for a great week of bloggery!

Thanks for your patience, and stay safe out there!

Friday Frivolity: Dining Out With The Oatmeal

Thank you based god, it’s finally the weekend!  MPC (Mama PostCollegiate) is in town for a few days, so I’m looking forward to a couple free dinners and maybe a new pair shoes (plus, like, bonding and talking and whatever).  I hope you all have an opportunity to take advantage of the kindness of another this weekend!

Last night, as MPC arrived in town, I organized a dutch treat dinner of a few ladies who like eating, drinking, and talking about me (my top three pursuits!)  I thought that dutch treat would be simple but no.  Even amongst a half-dozen or so grown adults, splitting the check is akin to talking sense to the EVP of Komen (timely!)  Luckily, a friend sent me this great comic from the Oatmeal that perfectly illustrates why check-splitting skills should be taught in school

Have a great weekend!

My Personal State of the Union

My fellow postcollegiates,


This has been a trying time for all of us.  Between rising unemployment and decreasing wages, we have faced challenges heretofore unknown to mankind (except, you know, for almost every other generation).   We have been forced back into our parent’s basements or, even worst, enrolled in the second or third round of graduate school, all in the name of pursuing the [21st Century] American Dream (our own reality show or prestigious blog, or God willing, both.)   Just when we thought things couldn’t get work, the Oscar Nominations were announced and we realized that even Hollywood just doesn’t get us any more, man (no Bridesmaids or Young Adult?  Come on!)

But it has not been all bad.  We have taken it to the tweets (see what I did there?  Take that, Obama speechwriters!), Occupying both minds and hearts and the occasional public space.  We have been celebrated in multiple 30 under 30 and 20 under 20 and Teenagers are the New Adults lists, proving that for some of us, the ages between 22-35 aren’t a horrible series of disappointments, disillusions, and depleted funds.

Friends and fellow (young-ish) Americans, it hasn’t been an easy road for us.  But I truly do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For if I, she who has had more jobs than boyfriends in the last three years (and definitely not in the good way) and who may or may not have floated an actual paper check to pay for tampons once in the last 12 months, can enroll in her very first retirement program this week, then truly, anything is possibleYES WE CAN!

Thank you and God Bless America.

I promise a real post soon…it has been a bizarre couple weeks and I am still in new job adjustment mode, but I have plenty of thoughts to share soon. 


Friday Frivolity: Round-Up

So, apparently, temping is closer to real work than my previous funemployment endeavors and I am finding myself a tad tired from “getting up early” and “doing things productive with my day.”  So, as I have no energy to be frivolous, here’s a round-up of our most popular Friday Frivolity posts.  Click on, discover something that makes you laugh, or re-live the fun you had the first time.

Happy weekend, friends!

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