A Lack of Passion

I’m going to say the thing most people writing blogs would never say:

I don’t know what my passion is.

The entire concept of blogging is built upon the foundation of passion.  You love the music on the TV show Treme? There’s a blog for that.  You think lesbians who resemble teenage pop sensations are awesome?  There’s a blog for that.  From paying down personal debt to terrible cakes, fashion to fetishes, you can find a person blogging about it.

I would not describe myself as a passionate person.  I am energetic.  Animated.  Lively.  Outgoing.  A dear friend once said that what she liked about me most was the fact that I was interested in and fascinated by everything.  For her, my defining feature is that I have many interests and no singular passion.

Do other people feel that way?  How does one pursue their passion when they don’t know what it is?  I sometimes worry that I lost my passion – that I was perhaps born to love doing something but forgot along the way what that thing is.  Maybe I let teachers or parents or friends distract me with other pursuits or discourage me from certain decisions.  More troubling, maybe I subconsciously stopped myself from cultivating a passion as a means of self-preservation.

Do not cry for me, blog readers.  Do not develop a mental image of a distraught quarter-lifer, sobbing on her keyboard at her bleak existence.  I do have interests, hobbies, and pursuits that bring me happiness, fulfillment, and a means to filling the days.  I occasionally get a glimmer of passion, a feeling that perhaps this is it.

And for now, I think that might just be enough.