Friday Frivolity

It’s Friday!  For this week’s edition of Friday Frivolity, I’m going to send you over to friend-of-the-blog Mistopia for their hilarious and brilliant revamping of the Happy Hour.

I’m a big fan of the Happy Hour.  There’s a delightful, local restaurant that offers $2 appetizers and $3 drinks, so we rarely deviate from that endeavor too often.  But I must say, given my aversion to cell phones in public, I’m a big fan of this suggested game addition:

Cellular Roulette (1 Drink Minimum)

Every person in the group must give their cell phone to someone else. This may not be a person you are married to or dating. The phones are pocketed and ignored unless they ring or vibrate. Any received texts are read out loud to the group, which will then decide whether a response is warranted. The owner of the phone may dictate a message to be sent back, but may not view the message to check for accuracy. If someone actually calls the owner, they may retrieve and answer the phone (without leaving the table) so long as they afterward explain why the person calling was more important than happy hour.

OPTIONAL: before a text message is read aloud, the owner may be told who sent it. The owner may then choose to finish their drink in order to prevent the text from being read.

You can check out the rest here.  Leave your own favorite happy hour games in the comments and have a great weekend!