Music Monday: Florence + The Machine

Hey friends!  Sorry that today’s Music Monday is a bit late in the day.  I would like to tell you that I have been hard at work, digging through a pile of tasks and projects that miraculously appeared on my desk over the weekend, but that is sadly not the case.  I have been busy pursuing a new(ish) past time of mine that I am calling IFO: Internetting for Others.  This is a hobby whereupon I do things on the Internet for you (you primarily being my mother but also occasionally my friends and colleagues) because you are too busy/incompetent/combination thereof to do it yourself.  My IFOing this morning has been quite tasking and I’m sorry I just got around to posting!

That said, there was really only one choice for today’s musical selection – a raucous, rollicking song about rebirth and redemption, sung with all the gutsy glory of the incomparable Florence Welch.  I’ve always been a Florence fan but hadn’t really had a chance to dig into Ceremonials until a few weeks ago.  Since then, it’s been on heavy rotation for just about any occasion.  It’s easy to see why both critics and people I tweet about music with alike are so passionate about it.

It seems surreptitious that I really started listing to this album recently as opposed to when it was initially released.  As y’all know, it’s been a very tumultuous couple of weeks for me, so it’s nearly impossible not to connect with the soaring vocals and revival sound of Shake It OutIt may sound cliche but hearing Flo belt out that “it’s always darkest before the dawn”, I feel a little more like my old self – and then when she tells you to shake the devil off your back, it’s impossible not to want to dance!

So, today, and for the rest of the week, whenever you need to feel revitalized, re-energized, or just reborn, crank up the Florence and shake the devils off.

Sidenote:  As if the song wasn’t awesome enough on its own (and it totally is), Flo + Co are clearly trying to win me over by letting HBO use another track from Ceremonials for one of its recent Game of Thrones trailer!  I love when my pop culture interests intersect!