Friday Frivolity: Dining Out With The Oatmeal

Thank you based god, it’s finally the weekend!  MPC (Mama PostCollegiate) is in town for a few days, so I’m looking forward to a couple free dinners and maybe a new pair shoes (plus, like, bonding and talking and whatever).  I hope you all have an opportunity to take advantage of the kindness of another this weekend!

Last night, as MPC arrived in town, I organized a dutch treat dinner of a few ladies who like eating, drinking, and talking about me (my top three pursuits!)  I thought that dutch treat would be simple but no.  Even amongst a half-dozen or so grown adults, splitting the check is akin to talking sense to the EVP of Komen (timely!)  Luckily, a friend sent me this great comic from the Oatmeal that perfectly illustrates why check-splitting skills should be taught in school

Have a great weekend!