Anything Broken?

My love for the dearly-departed Party Down is well-documented – last year, on the eve of its cancellation, I wrote a post about I thought it was one of the most honest television shows about the disconnect between expectations and reality in your 20s.  Beyond that, its a show that consistently and repeatedly makes me laugh out loud, even when watching episodes I’ve seen a dozen times.

Which is how I happened upon one of my favorite scenes, pictured below.  I’m in a very different place than I was at this time last year – I’m in a new city with a full-time job and a very different life – and yet, I still find myself relating to Henry’s cynicism and self-defensive misanthropy.  I may not be popping pain-killers on the job, but much like Henry, I find solace in a stiff drink when I start to look too closely at all the ways life seems a little incomplete.  It’s not that anything is broken, but sometimes I feel the cracks in the foundation.

Are we having fun yet?

Friday Frivolity

Happy Friday, my friends!  It’s been a productive week for me, with job interviews during the day, blogging at night, and the receipt of my first post-college unemployment check!  It was such a momentous occasion – I should have taken a photo of the state-issued debit card to send to my proud parents.

Being on the government dole while unemployed allows me to maintain an important element of balance in my life – mainly, keeping my balance on a bar stool.  While I solemnly swear to use your tax dollars for the sole purposes of remaining non-homeless, this link I stumbled along seems ideal for how I plan to spend the coinage I dug out from the couch cushions:

How To Have A Bar Fight

The best part?  Collecting your street cred.  Have a great weekend – and stay safe out there 😉

Friday Frivolity

It’s Friday!  For this week’s edition of Friday Frivolity, I’m going to send you over to friend-of-the-blog Mistopia for their hilarious and brilliant revamping of the Happy Hour.

I’m a big fan of the Happy Hour.  There’s a delightful, local restaurant that offers $2 appetizers and $3 drinks, so we rarely deviate from that endeavor too often.  But I must say, given my aversion to cell phones in public, I’m a big fan of this suggested game addition:

Cellular Roulette (1 Drink Minimum)

Every person in the group must give their cell phone to someone else. This may not be a person you are married to or dating. The phones are pocketed and ignored unless they ring or vibrate. Any received texts are read out loud to the group, which will then decide whether a response is warranted. The owner of the phone may dictate a message to be sent back, but may not view the message to check for accuracy. If someone actually calls the owner, they may retrieve and answer the phone (without leaving the table) so long as they afterward explain why the person calling was more important than happy hour.

OPTIONAL: before a text message is read aloud, the owner may be told who sent it. The owner may then choose to finish their drink in order to prevent the text from being read.

You can check out the rest here.  Leave your own favorite happy hour games in the comments and have a great weekend!

Friday Frivolity

A reader suggested a check out the Kenducation YouTube channel for a light-hearted look at post-collegiate lifestyle tips.  My personal favorite is Ken’s reality-check approach to drinking after college and the fact that, no matter how hard you try, most jobs in your 20s are shitty and drive you to drink.

So, bottom’s up and have a great weekend!