Post-College Flow Chart of Misery and Pain

It’s Friday (insert insufferable internet tween sensation song here)!  After such a rough week last week, this week has been such a wonderful reprieve.  I’m heading into a weekend full of friends and frivolity, so it makes sense to share a little tongue-in-cheek pain and misery before I go:

Many thanks to dedicated reader and dear friend Jordan for sharing this with me.  Have a great weekend and remember, you can always catch me on Twitter or email me directly at postcollegiateblog {at} gmail {dot} com.

Anything Broken?

My love for the dearly-departed Party Down is well-documented – last year, on the eve of its cancellation, I wrote a post about I thought it was one of the most honest television shows about the disconnect between expectations and reality in your 20s.  Beyond that, its a show that consistently and repeatedly makes me laugh out loud, even when watching episodes I’ve seen a dozen times.

Which is how I happened upon one of my favorite scenes, pictured below.  I’m in a very different place than I was at this time last year – I’m in a new city with a full-time job and a very different life – and yet, I still find myself relating to Henry’s cynicism and self-defensive misanthropy.  I may not be popping pain-killers on the job, but much like Henry, I find solace in a stiff drink when I start to look too closely at all the ways life seems a little incomplete.  It’s not that anything is broken, but sometimes I feel the cracks in the foundation.

Are we having fun yet?

An Accurate Representation of My Life

I have been so neglectful this week – many, many apologies!  With a long holiday weekend that was filled with surprise engagements (one of my oldest and dearest friends), international visitors, debaucherous late night adventures, and the extended recovery time that goes along with them, I have been overwhelmed with a very busy work week crammed into four long days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday last week and is heading into another fun, friend/family-filled weekend.  With that in mind, enjoy one of my favorite gifs from one of my favorite television shows, which I think embodies my general attitude towards life.  WOOOOOOOOO!