Friday Frivolity: An Open Letter to People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle

Oh, how I love Fridays!  Fridays are easily the most slacker-ish day at my office (and given how light the workload has been, that’s saying something!)  All the doctors are usually on-call and out, so the day is generally spent planning what I’m going to eat all weekend long. This Friday is not so different as I am preparing for a pre-concert bro-date over some bangin’ burgers and a day trip to NYC tomorrow (read: a day full of eating trip to NYC).  So much eating, so little time…

Today’s fantastic piece of frivolity comes from McSweeney’s delightful series of letters to people and/or entities who are unlikely to read them.  In this edition, writer Cleo Plagg (if you know more about her, please post links in the comments – I love her style!) sounds off on all the people who judge or look down upon us single ladies who prefer to spend money on bar tabs than groceries and find Facebook updates about kids and pets completely obnoxious.  The letter reads like the inside of my brain, with one great paragraph bemoaning friends who become married:

Yet still more questions for you, judgers: Does Bed, Bath and Beyond really require a 16-month pre-registration? Do people actually like shiny vests under rented jackets? Why do committed friends of committed friends not know how to talk to me since there isn’t a relationship to ask about? Are chocolate fountains real? Why do women in long-term relationships stop wearing high heels and start dressing like my fourth grade music teacher? Why do I have to make plans with you four weeks in advance? Why are you so tired all the time?

I highly recommend you read the entire letter (link below) and post in the comments anything that you’d add to the rant!

An Open Letter To People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle

Happy Weekend!