A Poem Is Never Finished…

Only abandoned, as Paul Valery once said.  I’ve had poetry on the mind lately, in part to some wonderful literary conversations with my roommate, the literary scholar, and in part to a wonderful blog started by a former roommate which deals in humorous and touching haikus.

My Life in Haiku features daily haikus about the life and times of Abernathy Q, friend o’ the blog and all-around awesome lady hero.  Each day brings a new haiku, a smile to my face, and a spark of inspiration.  She accepts submissions, so consider putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and sending your own 17-syllable-words-of-wisdom.

In honor of Abernathy and her haikus, which have brought me endless amusement in the past few weeks, here are a few of my own haikus, expired by my own misadventures in postcollegiate life:

Spent four years at school
Graduated with honors
Now I make copies

Met very cute new boy
Not into social networks
No online chatting!

Used to want to save
The world; make a difference.
Now want 9-to-5

Friends all seem happy
Great jobs, money, and hot men
I hate my own envy

Changing preference
For men in their mid-thirties
Sex is much better

Only have twenty bucks
Spent fifteen at happy hour
Will not tell parents

My Life Lately
Still not sure about
Vita Abundantior
But I am trying!