My Story


You’ll get to know me best by reading the blog – be sure to check out the first entry to get an idea of what this is about – but here are the fast facts:

  • Recently 28 years old
  • Originally from Houston, Texas
  • 6 1/2 years living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Relocated to Washington, DC one year ago in an attempt to have a career again
  • College grad – B.A. in American Culture with a minor in History (useful, right?)
  • One unsuccessful attempt at graduate school (towards the oh-so-useful M.A. in History)
  • One pending application for business school (more to come on that, I hope, in the future)
  • Spent my first three post-collegiate years working full-time for a local children’s museum
  • Unemployed for 6 months [relatively] – the story of the day I lost my job is here
  • Tried my hand at temping for a major employer in the area.  That didn’t work out so well
  • Started yet another new job in a new field where I am completely in over my head – but that didn’t go exactly how I planned
  • Absolutely no idea what I’m doing

Pop culture plays a pretty large role in this blog – source material so far includes Malcolm Gladwell, Party Down, Justin Bieber, Treme, Singin’ in the Rain, Music Mondays, Flight of the Conchords, SNL, favorite 80s movies, my beloved AV Club, and more…

Occasionally, cool blogs ask me go guest post – check out my contribution to Post-Grad Learning and my advice on using Dropbox at University Ave!

Want to know more?  Have ideas for this blog?  Drop me a line at postcollegiateblog [at] gmail [dot com] or take it to the tweets!