30 Before 30: Day One

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about the adventures I truly want to pursue before I turn 30.  It’s not that 30 represents an endpoint to me or that I feel I have to cling to my 20s (okay…maybe a little) but I’ve spent enough time dreaming small and talking smaller – it’s time for bold pronouncements and big ideas.

30 Before 30: Travel

1.  Visit Alaska and take a whale-watching cruise with my Mom.
2.  A trip to Hawaii with the girls – perhaps a mini-Macon reunion?
3.  Travel abroad with my little sister, just the two of us.
4.  Visit all of the presidential libraries I haven’t been to yet – Nixon, Reagan, Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Carter, Ford, FDR
5.  Italy with my best friend – she can teach me all about the mosaics and friezes and I can order all the wine.
6.  Take a cruise.  I’ve never taken a cruise and I want to do so badly.  Preferably something that involves Moscow.  I love the idea of being on a boat along the Russian shore.  I am also very strange.
7.  Travel in a hot air balloon.
8.  Take a week off of work and canoe or kayak the entire 5-day bateau trip, from Lynchburg to Richmond.
9.  Splurge on an expensive weekend getaway for myself.  First-class the entire way – no discount bus tickets or cheap hostels or street food.
10.  Visit Disneyworld/land!  My family took a family vacation there without me once – they claim it was their best family trip ever.  I’m still working through that pain…

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