Attack The Block

Well, friends, all my nightmares have come true.  The horror is upon us.  I am in a glass case of emotion and nothing can save me now.

My office blocked WordPress at work.

It really doesn’t get worse than this.  Somewhere, in the deep recesses of our building, some IT troll was tasked with expanding the definition of “social media and networking sites” and because they are a friendless freak, decided that WordPress and Twitter and Tumblr and every other site that brings me joy and distraction during the eight hours that I am desk-bound.  Perhaps it was a long time coming, but for me, this is akin to someone slashing my benefits package.

Thankfully, I am through the grieving process and starting to move towards acceptance (and towards manipulating the system.)  Luckily, I have a hack around the Twitter block (thanks, Hoot Suite) but am still not sure how to get through to WordPress during the work day.  If anyone has suggestions for accessing WordPress through blocks, let me know!  I will also work more diligently in the next few weeks to post in the evenings or stockpile some posts so that this blog can continue to grow.

As always, thanks for your unending support and continuing to check in on the blog.  As for me, I may be slowing dying inside every second I can scroll my Tumblr dashboard at work but as least I’m started to move towards acceptance.

6 thoughts on “Attack The Block

  1. I don’t usually post at work, but I am glad I work somewhere that uses WordPress for some of our clients!

    • I’m actually a lot like Troy Barnes when I’m upset – there’s a lot of screaming and nonsensical crying.

      NPR is a great suggestion – all our news sites are thankfully unblocked, which means NPR might just be my first stop now!

  2. As for posting, I think you can set it up so you can email posts. Comment replies I’m not sure, but I think you can integrate them into email too. Not 100% sure though…

    I fear this happening to me too, but I work in the marketing department and therefore need all these things to be active for me 🙂 It’s nice to be able to take a little break and catch up on blog-related stuff when you’re in a midday drag or at the end of your to-do list or whatnot.

    • Testing the reply by email function…

      If this works, I will have to admit that I’m very impressed with WordPress’ accessibility beyond logging into the site and working from there.

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