Friday Frivolity: An Open Letter to People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle

Oh, how I love Fridays!  Fridays are easily the most slacker-ish day at my office (and given how light the workload has been, that’s saying something!)  All the doctors are usually on-call and out, so the day is generally spent planning what I’m going to eat all weekend long. This Friday is not so different as I am preparing for a pre-concert bro-date over some bangin’ burgers and a day trip to NYC tomorrow (read: a day full of eating trip to NYC).  So much eating, so little time…

Today’s fantastic piece of frivolity comes from McSweeney’s delightful series of letters to people and/or entities who are unlikely to read them.  In this edition, writer Cleo Plagg (if you know more about her, please post links in the comments – I love her style!) sounds off on all the people who judge or look down upon us single ladies who prefer to spend money on bar tabs than groceries and find Facebook updates about kids and pets completely obnoxious.  The letter reads like the inside of my brain, with one great paragraph bemoaning friends who become married:

Yet still more questions for you, judgers: Does Bed, Bath and Beyond really require a 16-month pre-registration? Do people actually like shiny vests under rented jackets? Why do committed friends of committed friends not know how to talk to me since there isn’t a relationship to ask about? Are chocolate fountains real? Why do women in long-term relationships stop wearing high heels and start dressing like my fourth grade music teacher? Why do I have to make plans with you four weeks in advance? Why are you so tired all the time?

I highly recommend you read the entire letter (link below) and post in the comments anything that you’d add to the rant!

An Open Letter To People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle

Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity: An Open Letter to People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle

  1. So funny! I will say, in defense of any young mommies & daddies, I’m a live-in au pair. I’m more or less the paid equivalent of a SAHM. I’m exhausted all the time. There are days when I drop the kids off at school and nap til I need to pick them up again.

    But yesss, I have no idea why anyone feels the need to judge people for making different choices than their own. Am I really using my fancy-schmancy degree as a glorified baby-sitter? No. Am I a hell of a lot happier than most people I know because I love my job? Yes.

    • First, thanks for reading and commenting!

      Secondly, hats off to you for being an au-pair. That’s the kind of job that I thought sounded exotic and exciting when I was 20 and realized at 24 that I would have probably been on the verge of inflicting bodily damage to myself and/or others if I had ever pursued it.

      Naturally, we are anti-judgement here. If being a young mom/dad makes you happy, great. If you love spending your money on turning your apartment into something blog-worthy, go to town. Just let me sit on a bar stool and talk to bearded artists and musicians in peace.

  2. Cleo,
    You are hysterical in a great way. I have 30 years on you but I am very similar. I have just had to listen to 30 more years of WTF??? I have been single most of my life. I have never fit the norm either. I did have a kid once. I raised her by myself in a very nonconformist kinda way. Shoot. Bed Bath and Beyond? I even hated it when people would use the word FAMILY!!! Argghhhh.

    I have always hated the white picket fence, 2 1/2 kids, and two cars in the garage mentality. I still hate it. Luckily, I don’t give a crap what anybody thinks anymore. I am old and don’t have that much time left to worry.

    Just to prove that you will always be under fire, I can tell you a very recent experience. I am of the age when most women who are my age have grandchildren. One acquaintance recently pulled out her wallet while we were talking. She said “Would you like to see some photos of my new, grandaughter?” I looked at her with a smile and said “No. I hate babies!” LOL LOL LOL Well, of course she looked shocked but I really don’t have the number 666 tattooed on my forehead. I was telling the truth.
    Just like you, I told it like it is. That is OK for both of us.

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  4. Wow. I sure want to commit to you!

    You are not at the desperation phase just yet. That usually comes around 34-35 and the clock starts going boom.

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