Only Boring People Are Bored

First things first, you all will be SHOCKED to learn that I did not do any GRE studying last night.  Instead of blaming it on wine (which may or may not have been present) or on my easily distractable nature (Colin Hanks was on Happy Endings last night!), I will simply blame it on you.  You did not hold me accountable, anonymous blog readers and therefore, I have failed.  I suppose now I will have to actually buck up and do some real studying tonight.  [Sidenote: If you were a gambling (wo)man – and let’s admit it, you probably are – I would put your money against me.  Just sayin’.]

Moving on, I’ve been wanting to write about boredom at the workplace.  While my new(ish) job has many benefits, stimulating work days is not one of them.  I realize that any job is what you make of it and I really have tried to fill my days with something other than obsessively reading Eater DC and posting unpopular opinions on the AV Club message boards but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to fill my time in a way that makes me feel even remotely close to a functioning member of society.

Betty Draper, Mother of the (any) Year

I feel like I’m struggling with something that is all too common (based on happy hour discussions) – being over-qualified and over-ambitious for jobs that just don’t provide an outlet for that energy.  My first few weeks were busy, frantic even, as I was spent time completely overhauling outdated work flow systems and organizing antiquated files and getting to know the interpersonal dynamics of the office.  The peril of having been so eager in my first few weeks is that as things come up daily here, I can take care of it right away – thus leaving long stretches of the day that are empty.  Even with new tasks being added to my desk each day, none of it seems to add up to eight hours of productivity.  My aunt once told me that I should never “work myself out of a job.”  I don’t think I’m in a danger of that here – but perhaps I did work myself “into a lot of bored days.”

This seems like the ultimate post-collegiate whine – my cushy desk job is just too easy and I hate having all this time to read blogs and email friends and mindlessly shop on Etsy.  Perhaps I should be grateful for this time, which, assuming I get my act together and get into graduate school, I will likely need for studying and homework.  Or use this time to pursue yet another new job, new career, new path, new option.  Maybe get serious about guest blogging or freelancing or learning how to make my own gifts.  Or just shut up and be appreciative that I have a decent job and stop expecting the world to indulge my every whim.

Is anyone else suffering from boredom at work?  Should I just be wasting more time during my day gossiping at the water cooler or taking long lunches?  Or should I putting this time to better use?  Am I freaking out unnecessarily or have I turned into a whiny petulant Millennial?


4 thoughts on “Only Boring People Are Bored

  1. Hey, I don’t know if you normally do this sort of thing but I thought I would tag you in this meme back on my blog. Just for a change of pace why not answer the questions I posted there, some of them are topical and very few have been linked to cancer. How about heading over there and checking em out? Cool. Cuz I would love to read your responses.

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