Music Monday: Sia

Another Monday, another week to face.  After a relatively low-key weekend of organizing and cleaning and soul-searching, I’m ready to face a new week and (finally) the start of a new month.  January is always a bit of a low point for me each year – despite the promises of a fresh start, the bleak, gray skies of winter tend to fill me with nostalgic for bright, blissful spring days.  I’m ready to put January behind me and focus on moving 2012 forward.

For Music Monday, I tend to focus on indiepop faves or guilty pleasure dance tunes, but for this week, I’m going a slightly more mellow route with one of my favorite Sia tunes, Breathe Me.  This month has brought a lot of change in my life, both personally and professionally, and I tend to struggle with change.  Despite my deep desire to embody vita abundantior, I find comfort in routine and well-managed expectations.  When life knocks me off my axis, which happens more often than not, Sia’s haunting voice and the song’s melodic crescendo is always reassuring and cathartic.

Sia – Breathe Me


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