Friday Frivolity: Resolutions

You may be assuming that I’m writing my New Year’s resolutions posts now because I am always woefully behind on updating my blog – but ACTUALLY, your assumptions are only partially correct!  While I have spent most of this week hibernating from the first real chill we’ve had all winter, today not only marks the day of my immersion but also what I feel is truly the beginning of my new year – my last day on the job!

This day feels more momentous than January 1st to me because this job really marked so many major changes in my life.  This job helped launch me out of an unpleasant bout with depression.  This job helped me relocate to a place I had always wanted to live.  This job forced me to adapt to a new city, two new living situations, and an entirely new social environment.  This job gave me (moderate) financial security for the first time in three years, allowing me to explore the world of adult finances (mostly visiting the Country of Debt Reduction while summering in the Bay of Expensive Concert/Sporting Event Tickets).  This job, while challenging in some ways and maddeningly dull in others, was the most stable and normal job I’ve held in my post-collegiate career.  The end of this job feels like an important life moment for me.

A lot will be changing “next year”, by which I mean 2012, officially starting for me on Monday at the orientation of my new job and what is sure to be an interesting year.  As is the custom, I do have a few resolutions to make the most of these new changes, hopefully building on some of the lessons (and horrible mistakes) made in the last year.

  • Resolution #1 – Write on this blog more.  I know this is not a particularly original or surprising resolution but one that I really want to make stick. This blog gives me such a great outlet to reflect – and I love hearing from each of you who actually reads this thing – and I need to do my part in posting more regularly and being willing to open up about things that are difficult for me to talk about.
  • Resolution #2 – Make the most of this year’s changes.  This new job is an opportunity for me to develop new skills, meet new people, and hopefully make graduate school a financially-viable option for me.  This means I’m going to have to buckle down and really make the most of it.  I think this is true in other areas of my life – one of my (many) flaws is that I don’t always adapt well to change.  This year should be about embracing the spirit of change that I was forced into when I moved here 15 (!) months ago.
  • Resolution #3 – Look outside of myself more.  I think one of the difficult things about being in your 20s is you can get so wrapped up in your own life – where is my career going, what’s happening in my relationships, is this where I want to be, etc etc ad nauseum.  It can make for being a better blog writer but not always a better person.  I have to remember to seek out and see through commitments to doing more for my community and my fellow citizens.  Being young is not an excuse for not being philanthropic or charitable nor does being busy give me an excuse for not doing more.
  • Resolution #4 – Let go of the negative.  Life is hard enough most of the time and we only have this one to take advantage of.  For me, this resolution is not only about cutting out things in my life that are negative, but also remembering that nothing productive was ever accomplished by being negative.  Grumbling about a WMATA fail rail moment has never made the train move faster nor has bitching about a friend behind their back ever changed that person’s behavior.

So, that’s it.  Do you think my resolutions are realistic?  Or am I just in the last-day-on-the-job glow?


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