Music Monday: Lady Gaga

I have been so neglectful of this blog – my ongoing apologies for a lack of consistent posting.  I’m racking up my resistance to meaningful blog indulging to late summer frivolity, fervent job hunting (more on this to come, I’m sure), and a general feeling of malaise whenever I start to feel too introspective.

However, it is Monday and Monday calls for music, especially this Monday.  I feel as though this is the last official week of summer – I’ll be drafting my fantasy football league (official sign of fall sports beginning) and heading down to the Blue Ridge for an extended Labor Day weekend, likely to be the last trip of its kind until the holiday season.  Summer is my favorite season – I love the heat and humidity and grilled meats and everyday activities taking place outdoors and the enthusiasm that even one’s most stay-at-home friends will show for getting together that blooms from Memorial Day to Labor Day and I find myself deeply concerned that the coming months, with their cold air and even colder emotions, will prove to be problematic.

Thus, I shall continue to bask in the dog days of summer a bit longer by sharing one of my favorite songs of the summer – You and I by Lady Gaga.  Gaga gets a bad rap but the bottom line is, this song is catchy as anything and the references to whiskey-tinged kisses and guitar strumming reminds me of every terrific summer fling I’ve ever had.  Also, I dig the Ralph Macchio-inspired drag look that Ms. Germanotta is rocking with this tune.   Enjoy!

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