A New Year, A New Blog

A belated Happy New Year to you, my dear postcollegiate readers!  As you can see from my last entry, 2010 was a great year to this blog.  Between my ever-shifting employment status, mild existential crisis, and wonderful inspiring friends, this blog gave me a great outlet to share my quest for vita abundantior and hopefully help others.

As you know, I have embarked on a new job in a new city and with that, I think its time for a new blog.    Late last year, my best friend and I realized that regardless of our employment/graduate school status [me:  generally lacking meaningful employment, she: enrolled in graduate school but not as challenged as she had hoped] both felt that it was time to take our continuing education upon ourselves.  Given the historical significance of 2011, I am proud to introduce you to:


Follow the misadventures of two twenty-something history buffs (but Civil War newbies) as we immerse ourselves into an extensive reading list, watch our favorite Civil War movies, and visit all the key sites, including a week long road trip from Virginia to New Orleans and back and my much-anticipated retracing of Booth’s escape route from Ford’s Theatre.

While there are some obvious differences between this blog and our new endeavor, I can’t help but reflect on the similarities.  In taking on this project and beginning to read pages upon pages of Civil War letters online, it’s impossible not to imagine what life would have been like to be a 26-year old woman in our nation’s capitol during the war.  Would I have darned socks for the boys in blue?  Or sided with Robert E. Lee and my adopted Virginia homeland?  Would I have become one of Hooker’s girls?  Joined furtive meeting at the Surrat boardinghouse?  As we discover more about the Civil War and its influence on 21st century America, I can’t help but believe we’re going to discover things about ourselves previously unnoticed.

And, that, dear readers, is exactly what life more abundant is all about.


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