Friday Frivolity

By this time next week, I’ll be recuperating from a huge Thanksgiving meal and enjoying a much-deserved break from work.  Yes, having worked five days straight means I need a break!  It’s hard transitioning from couch-living blogger to worker bee!

Since I’m so worn out from actual “working” and “productivity” in addition to getting acclimated to the big city, I’m going to take it easy for this post and simply point you to a blog that I enjoy.

100 Reasons NOT To Go To Graduate School

My thoughts on graduate school have been discussed before but I enjoy this blog’s tongue-in-cheek look at all the reasons why a sane person would never, ever get involved with such a crazy endeavor.  Although one graduate student I know read the blog and commented that those were some of the reasons they chose graduate school, so there’s that.

My favorite reason?  You have to deal with the condescending question of “you’re still in school?  at your age?”  That has to be almost as bad as “so, what do you do?

Current graduate students, what do you think of this list?  Hilarious or depressing?  What would you add?

4 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity

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  2. I’m curious to know the academic background of the author of that blog and if they have any experience with graduate study. I’m guessing humanities/social sciences because most of the reasons stated in the blog are skewed that way. For example, Reason #29 is completely false for the life sciences. Only approximately 15% of science PhDs go into academia. The number of professorships available is nowhere near the number of students. Some of them ring true no matter what discipline i.e. #24, definitely my favorite question to get. As with most things, you’ve got to know what you want to get out of it if you’re considering graduate school. My number one piece of advice to those considering it. Do not enter graduate school simply because it seems like the logical next step in your academic career. The author of that blog is right about one thing, graduate school is hard as hell in many ways, and if you honestly don’t see the reason for the degree, don’t do it. Just my two cents.

    • I love having your perspective because I think a lot of this blog’s readers and commentators have a background in the humanities, so it’s definitely beneficial to hear from a different point of view. I definitely agree that for graduate students in the sciences, the career path is much less likely to veer to academia, which is exceptionally beneficial.

  3. “Although one graduate student I know read the blog and commented that those were some of the reasons they chose graduate school, so there’s that.”

    HILARIOUS. Also, while some of the reasons on that site are pulling a bit too hard, the author is funny, so I’ll read them even if I don’t agree.

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