Music Monday: Dolly Parton

I have an unabashed love for Dolly Parton.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas, where you learn to have a healthy respect for buxom big-haired women, or maybe it’s from watching Steel Magnolias at least one hundred times (I don’t trust anyone who does their own hair. I don’t think it’s natural.)

Regardless of the reason, I love Dolly – love her music, love her movies, love to drunkenly belt out Jolene at karaoke, love every darn thing about her.  So it feels apropos, on the first day of my new job [details to come tomorrow!] to let my girl Dolly get me in the mood for heading back to work.

Nine to Five – Dolly Parton

[Also, this may be one of the strangest videos I’ve seen for awhile.  Do Minnie Mouse and the princesses have some sort of labor dispute?  Is this some sort of trenchant social commentary on Walt Disney?  Why is Dolly the only person in the world who can pull off so much fringe?  I digress.]

This is a song, that for all its cheesy and slick production, never fails to get me a little excited about working.  It sends me back to my youth, when I thought going to work was going to be like the film Nine to Five or Working Girl – I’d get to wear loud suits and struggle with oppressive male bosses and persevere on pluck and hairspray.  The great thing about Dolly is you always believe what she’s singing – her sincerity isn’t manufactured.

So, although I’m a little nervous for my first day, you can be sure that while I’m doing the crossword on the Metro, I’ll have Dolly piping through my headphones.


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Dolly Parton

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