Music Monday – Joni Mitchell

Sometimes, the world works in funny ways.  I’m heading to NYC on Thursday for my best friend’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and as we’re staying in Chelsea, I have been working on the ultimate Chelsea play list for the train ride (a lot of Sex Pistols, Nico, and Leonard Cohen).  Then, I receive an email request for some early Joni Mitchell.  Naturally, there was a perfect song choice!

Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell

I’ve always, always, always loved this song.  When I was a teenager, it held a promise of what I thought adult life in a city would be like – full of adventure and vibrant colors.  Having morphed into a bit of a country mouse now, I feel pulled to the driving guitar riff layered underneath Mitchell’s impeccable use of internal rhyme and painterly descriptions.

There are a lot of songs I could casually toss off as feel good music but for my money, nothing quite has the uplifting effect and promise of a new day the same way as Chelsea Morning.

And the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses , Oh, won’t you stay, we’ll put on the day, and we’ll talk in present tenses

Keep those requests coming!  Send your fantastic musical suggestion for Music Monday to postcollegiateblog [at] gmail [dot] com or leave us a comment below!


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