Why Planning Is Overrated

Quick post today – there was a great article in the Washington Post about Candy Crowley, veteran CNN reporter and fellow R-MWC alumna, which I highly recommend reading and which featured a great piece of advice for young people:

But she should’ve known not to over-think it. That’s the one piece of advice she always offers young people: ‘Don’t plan too hard, because something much better might be out there.’ Crowley didn’t plot out any of what her career has become. Which is not to say that she didn’t have a plan. She did: As she graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 1970, ‘I was wildly in love with this guy,’ she says. ‘I thought I would marry him, move to California, have five kids, iron his shirts and write the Great American Novel.’

This, of course, is not what happened.  Crowley ends up talking about a string of freelance jobs and opportunities she pursues – including taking off six years to be a stay at home mom – before rocking it at CNN.

The entire article is good but I definitely draw comfort knowing that smart, funny, and ambitious people like Candy Crowley end up in incredible jobs simply by ambling about for a decade or two!

3 thoughts on “Why Planning Is Overrated

  1. I definitely think planning is overrated. Especially for women. So much of our lives are set in motion by predictability and things happening based on an internal voice saying what we should/could/would/must do. I have done all the schooling, bought the house, work a 9-5pm and now I realize that there is no plan. There is no pot of gold at the end of goal setting. You get there and its great but alot of life’s pleasures are the unpredictable things.. but then again those are also alot of life’s most painful moments.

    • Hi!

      Thank you so much for your great comment – it may seem cliched or trite to remind yourself to “live in the moment” but the truth is, we SHOULD live in the moment and most of us don’t do that most of the time.

      Thanks for your perspective and thanks for reading!

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