Music Monday: Paramore

Every Monday or so, I’ll share a music suggestion from a reader.  Send us the songs that inspire you, get you motivated, help you get through the day, or put a smile on your face.  You can leave it in the comments, tweet it, or email us at postcollegiateblog [at] gmail [dotcom]

Another great reader submission, from my dear friend Abernathy (click link and read her hilarious blog).  I could do my usual spiel about why this song should be a permanent addition to your Monday iTunes mix but I think I’ll just leave you with Abernathy’s endorsement:

I know that your Monday songs tend to be really uplifting and poppy. But I want to suggest “Pressure” by Paramore because even though it’s really angsty and totally by and for teenagers, as a twenty-something going daily to a job I don’t like, it still applies.

Preach on, sister friend, preach on.  Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “Music Monday: Paramore

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