What Is It About 20-Somethings?

The New York Times Magazine explores 20-somethings and their inability to grow up.

Check it out here.

Leave your comments – I have some thoughts but would love to hear yours first!

4 thoughts on “What Is It About 20-Somethings?

  1. i thought that article was an extended blabbering of NOTHING! i totes agree with the concept of “emerging adulthood” (though i feel it is americanized) but the 10 pages of article were ridic. the statistics were interesting…but, so? why weren’t there more quotes FROM 20 somethings? 30 somethings looking back? i felt it was an excellent oppotunity to shine light upon a generation that is being subjected to criticism for growing up in a society with all these lessons of “what not to do” (get married young, have kids immediately, sit in a job that sucks your life away)…they are making their own path, learning from others mistakes? how are they NOT supposed to be confused and lost?…yet the article was some older dude making judgements on a small group of individuals and having conferences about it. wahoo. how about shedding some insight on what these people ARE accomplishing? their art? their writing? their interesting stories and adventures? frankly if everyone is waiting around to hear the next job, marriage, children story…they can have it. i’ll take the fascinating ones 🙂

    • Bwhahahahaha I’m pretty sure this is how I feel after reading half the featured stories in the NYT Magazine. However, I am a numbers nerd sometimes and I did enjoy the stats. There are some great counter articles, which I’m going to post next week that I think you’ll enjoy!

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