Friday Frivolity: Round-Up

So, apparently, temping is closer to real work than my previous funemployment endeavors and I am finding myself a tad tired from “getting up early” and “doing things productive with my day.”  So, as I have no energy to be frivolous, here’s a round-up of our most popular Friday Frivolity posts.  Click on, discover something that makes you laugh, or re-live the fun you had the first time.

Happy weekend, friends!

  • Top 8 Films About Post-Collegiate Life – Update your Netflix queue for the weekend with these gems selected by Paste Magazine
  • Really Bad Real Life Advice – Get snarky with this list of “must-do” advice for folks living in a dream, magical post-college life that I am pretty sure does not exist
  • Like a Virgin – Would it surprise you to know that studio art majors and virgins are mutually exclusive subsets?  It really shouldn’t.
  • Sex Tips for Quarterlifers – I didn’t write it but I’ve certainly lived it
  • Drinking After College – Most assuredly relevant to my life right now.  In fact, relevant to my life tonight.  Hopefully yours too!



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