Everything is Temporary. Everything is Bound to End.

Obligatory pop culture representation of temp culture

Good [?] news, blog readers!  I have accepted a full-time temporary position at a locally-based, fairly large financial institution.  I’ve known for a couple of weeks but it’s taken me a little while to wrap my head around it enough to share it with y’all.

A part of me is thrilled – the financial stability of this particular job opportunity as well as the challenge of a new field and new work environment is invigorating for me.  A part of me is nervous – new is scary, especially given that my last full-time position left me a little gun-shy.  And, of course, a part of me feels like a shmuck, a sell-out, someone willing to trade the hustling and wandering lifestyle I’ve begun to carve out for myself in exchange for a little temporary security.

But that, there, is the beauty of this endeavor and why I agreed to say yes.  It’s temporary and I can go into it embracing it’s tenuous nature.  Everything is temporary – there’s no sure thing when it comes to a job or career [or security, for that matter] – but I feel a sense of freedom and excitement from knowing that it could last the contracted eight months or it could end as soon as it begins.  Or I could outshine the competition and become the next CEO.  Or I could leave it a month in to go live in a museum for a month [more of that later, dear readers!]  Or I could hate it and go back to the hustle.

Regardless [or irregardless, however it suits you], this temporary shift in my employment will assuredly bring plenty of blog fodder in the coming weeks!  I am excited to share with you how I deal with being a temp – if you’ve ever temped before or taking a temporary assignment, please share your advice and horror stories in the comments or email me at postcollegiateblog [at] gmail  [dotcom]

4 thoughts on “Everything is Temporary. Everything is Bound to End.

  1. On orientation day, when they go over life insurance and retirement and benefits and blah blah blah, PAY ATTENTION. When I got my job, it was as a temp. Now it’s a permanent thing and I’ve got to go back and figure out what all of that means because I totally blew it off in the beginning. I figured it would never apply to me, but now it does!

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