Generation Now

I admire the heck out what many of my fellow Gen-Yers have accomplished, but this “now, now, now” attitude is brainwashing us to think that if you’re doing ANYTHING less than your most idealistic dream, you’re “settling”. – Matt Cheuvront, Life Without Pants

I would like to give Matt a standing ovation for that sentiment.  I find myself overwhelmed with what our generation has accomplished – take a look at the number of under-30s who work in Barack Obama’s administration or the young entrepreneurs who are transforming the way we use the Internet.

Even on a “closer to home” scale, I find that there’s a perception that our generation has everything it needs in terms of technology, access, and skills to pursue any dream, so why waste your time doing something else?  The idea that if you aren’t pursuing your passion every second of every day right now means you’re settling is obnoxious.  As Matt mentions in his post, settling is an ugly word and should be banished from our vocabularies.  I couldn’t agree more.

The pressure that I feel – and I think of a lot of you feel too – isn’t internal; it’s external.  We have to stop comparing ourselves to every 22, 25, or 29 year old that’s achieved their career goals.  We have to realize that not everything happens in 140 characters.  We have to embrace the reality that while technology moves at the speed of light, our lives do not.  As far as I’m concerned, the only imperative I have right now is to persevere each day and have a little fun while doing it.


2 thoughts on “Generation Now

  1. I love the sentiments expressed here. This assumes, of course, that people actually do have goals that can be achieved. In my experience, there is no greater “win condition” to a day than being able to look back over the things you did and say you fun with it. I’m not sure what the point of life is, but that’s probably close.

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