Real Life Responses, Part One

I polled a wide selection of post-graduates to get their feedback on what life after college is like.  Every few weeks, we’ll stop and take a look at what real people are saying about their post-collegiate experiences and what tips they have to share.

So far, life after college has been…

  • A new learning experience.  I feel like I’m stuck in a fishbowl and can’t really get out to feel my way through the whole experience just yet (due to being stuck at home).  It isn’t exactly what I imagined, but so far I’ve learned the value of the dollar and have more ambition to get out and work!
  • Bittersweet
  • A bit of a best of times/worst of times scenario.  I’ve had some really wonderful moments, in my personal life and my career, but I’ve also had some really shitty things happen that I was not prepared for.
  • A roller-coaster
  • Not at all like what anyone told me it would be.
  • Very stressful, but will hopefully be less so soon
  • Something I thought I was prepared for but am realizing that I am probably in over my head
  • More challenging, for sure, but more rewarding because all the decisions are my own. I am now using every facet of my college degree in a job I love, in a company I love.
  • A stressful, fulfilling, busy, amazing learning experience
  • An incredible, unpredictable journey

One of my favorites responses?  This one:

Less stressful! The lack of time management and immaturity and the abundance of dollar beer nights and cute hippie boys was way too much for me to handle! The stress of a paper that I knew would mean nothing in a few weeks was beyond frustrating and drove me insane.

Although real life stress is just that, real…I’ll take it any day. Hair pulling at a job that matters to the community? Fine by me. Stomach knots from waiting for the home loan to go through? A-okay. Heavy weights in the guts from attending wedding after wedding when you know you are so not “there?” Bring it on.

Anything to add?  Leave it in the comments!


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