Life Doesn’t Come with a Manual

Or does it?

Apparently, despite the significant cost of my college tuition, my college was a little behind the times.  Because if you decided to Rory Gilmore it and go to Yale University, your commencement ceremony came with a speech from former President Bill Clinton and a life after college manual!

I knew those Ivy League grads were getting ahead on more than nepotism and chiseled good lucks – they’ve been given a guide!  Luckily, you don’t have to be one of the privledged few to get your hands on it – like everything else in the world, it’s available online.

Since one of the first chapters mentions signing bonuses, I get the strong impression that this manual is not super useful for non-Yalies [trust me, there are no signing bonuses in non-profit work].  However, there are some good references and some basic information that may be helpful to the newly matriculated – plus you didn’t pay a cool $40,000 a year for it!

[Editor’s note:  In my excitement over getting to make a Gilmore Girls reference in this blog, I forgot a link to the guide.  It can be found here!  Apologies, dear readers.]


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