What’s the Point?

Have many times have you asked yourself that question?  Whether it’s procrastinating on a job application or deciding whether to give the bummer first date guy a second chance, rarely a day goes by where I don’t think what’s the point?

My dear friend [and former temporary roommate] Abernathy has an idea: that there’s always a point. Whether it’s the hot girl [or boy, if that’s your thing] you meet at a club or fighting a lawn infestation, there’s a point to all of life’s great stories.  She chronicles these stories and their life lessons in a witty and wonderful blog, aptly titled The Point.

I love the concept – to look at life’s struggles, its simple pleasures, its disappointments, and find the point.  Plus, when it’s written in a funny and relatable way, I’m totally sold.

[Full disclosure:  I thought Abernathy was awesome before this blog.  In my opinion, it’s her natural awesomeness put into blog form.  Check it out.]


2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. Thank you so much for your comment! Also, great blog you got here. It doesn’t really apply to me yet, because I’m started college in August, but I know I’ll need to start reading it by the time I’m graduating College.

    • Thanks for reading – of course, we welcome readers (and commenters and bloggers) of all ages and life experiences! I don’t think the struggles of post-collegiate life are necessarily specific to those who have just graduated from college!

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