Google: Search Engine turned Personal Assistant

I came across a great blog post that lists ways to utilize Google Docs to help organize your post-college life.  Here are the highlights:

Job Interviews

Job interviews are the worst.  They’re stressful, uncomfortable, and repetitive.  However, interview are 99% preparation (the other 1% is caffeine).  You can utilize the Job Interviewer One-Sheeter to workshop your responses to the most common interview questions.

Hitting the Pavement

A major element of job hunting and career building is networking.  It can be difficult remembering the right people for the right contact, so building a Contacts Database is a good idea.  While this particular template ranks people (which I know I should discourage but kind of enjoy), the concept of organizing people in such a way that you can track them depending on how your needs or goals may shift and change is a good idea.

Avoid Double/Triple Booking

I am a major offender of the double/triple book.  I have an enthusiastic nature and tend to say “yes” before consulting my calendar.  While I enjoy taking pen to paper to map out my week, an Appointment Tracker that covers not only job-related meetings but “real world” things such as auto maintenance, health, and social life in one place is a smart idea for the more digitally-savvy amongst us.

Calendar Coordination

It almost goes without saying that Google Calendars is a simple yet effective way to coordinate your schedules.  In college, my best friend/roommate [and blog inspiration] let me create a list of 100 movies she needed to watch in her life.  We used Google Calendars to create a shared screening schedule and I’ve been hooked ever since.  [For those curious, she has made a serious dent in the list but it’s now ever-expanding.]

Know of other great Google doc features or templates that would be useful to the postcollegiate masses?  Share them in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Google: Search Engine turned Personal Assistant

  1. i love job interviews 🙂 i feel like thats when i close deals. i always say, ´´if i can just get in the door for the interview… it´s over and mine´´

    to each his/her own…

    • For me, job interviews are like bad first dates. I think I make a solid in-person impression but they are still stressful and uncomfortable. And unlike a date, you generally can’t calm the nerves with a cocktail beforehand!

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