Simple Pleasures

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” −Robert Brault

A dear friend and recent college grad recently emailed me about this blog endeavor.  It was a lengthy message, as we are alumnae of the same school but had fallen out of contact (something I wish didn’t happen as much as it does.)  Of course, the conversation that followed reminded me how wise and wonderful she had always been.

In particular, she wrote:  It’s impossible to know how the actions we take today are going to affect our lives tomorrow.  We can listen to the advice of people smarter than us, we can pay attention to the people around us who succeed or fail and make note of what to do or not do, and we can hope/pray/wish for the best.  I’m just trying to get through each day by enjoying life’s little pleasures.  With any luck, it will lead to a pleasurable life.

Of course, on an intellectual, I know this is good advice but sometimes, it’s easier said than done.  It’s refreshing to receive an email or a phone call or a postcard or a smoke signal to remind us.

A few of life’s simple pleasures I plan to appreciate fully this week:

  • Ice cold Diet Coke on a hot day
  • Petting an adorable (if not clinically insane) dog
  • Making another person laugh
  • Emails from old friends
  • $2 calamari on my favorite patio
  • Porch sitting with cold beers on a hot night
  • The wonders of what a Google search can yield you [see opening quotation]

Need a little help with your simple pleasures?  Whenever I need a good laugh, I pop over to 1,000 Awesome Things – it reminds you that starting the lawn mower on the first pull or snagging the perfect nacho off  your friend’s plate are legitimate reasons to get excited about life.


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