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Vita Abundantior: Life More Abundant

I attended a small, [formerly] single-sex college located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  I loved my college experience – like most people, it was a time when I formed relationships with mentors who inspired me, forged bonds with my closest confidantes and partners-in-crime, and where I felt myself grow into the person I am today.  It was the home that taught me to embrace the spirit of Vita Abundantior.

That was three years ago.  I still live in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  I still play Trivial Pursuit and attend film screenings with my mentors.  I still am close to many of the people who became my friends, drinking partners, and support system.  I still feel irrevocably changed by my college experience.  And yet, I sometimes feel as though that spirit of Vita Abundantior evades me.

Life More Abundant. It’s a challenging concept.  Every person who passed through our tiny school in the last 119 years has a different definition and any person reading this blog would as well.  When I first graduated from college, I thought I knew what my abundant life would hold – challenging but fulfilling work at a non-profit, adventures with fabulous friends, lusty romances with inappropriate men, and a modest amount of material wealth.  But, alas, it doesn’t always seem to work that way.

As of right now, I do not have a job.  I am, for the most part, unemployed.  Unemployment makes it difficult to possess material wealth, modest or otherwise, and certainly limits the ability to seek out adventures.  And yet, these last three months have held some of the most exciting, spectacular, and wholly unexpected moments in my life.  Perhaps my life was going to become a little more abundant once I deviated from the path.

My best friend, who I met on her very first day of college classes and who I am sure will appear in this blog often, said to me, “When I graduated from college, I couldn’t find anything that made me feel better.  There wasn’t anything out there that spoke to me.”

I hope this blog will do just that.  So send me your questions, your concerns, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, your schemes, and more.  Together, we can discover what a life more abundant can be for each of us.

Until then, Vita Abundantior, my friends.

9 thoughts on “Vita Abundantior

  1. Just found your blog, loving the posts! I’m an 09 grad, currently unemployed, which has given me the time to start my own blog and work on my creative pursuits. Its nice to know that I’m not the only one!

    • Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you found us – hopefully you’ll keep checking back. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of – or if you’d like to guest write a blog – just drop us an email!

      Vita Abundantior!

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  4. Hi! I’m happy to come along for the journey…I graduated from a small single-sex college in the Blue Ridge foothills too (’07 grad)–perhaps the same one? Anyway, I’ve been feeling the same way. I sometimes fear I’ll never be as happy as I was in college, when I had a goal, a purpose, and a community. I’ve bounced from job to job and also experienced a failed grad-school attempt. Here’s hoping for you, me and the rest of us that something will click into place soon.

  5. I too attended the small liberal arts college you refer to in this post. Actually, the motto is how I got my blog name. When I first graduated in 09′, I struggled with making my life full. I wasn’t depressed, but I was wondering what my purpose was in life. I can now say that I feel like my life is full, partly because of my blog and my desire to reach goals. I’m finally making friends out of college (difficult), and I’m enjoying my job and colleagues (for the most part). I’ll keep stopping by here to read about your journey!
    Best, Oddler

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